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Roof Installation

Quality Roof Replacements


To avoid roof hassles, make sure to pay attention to your roof by maintaining it with general upkeep. But how do you know that it is time for a roof repair or replacement? Well, there are several reasons why your home may be ready for repair or replacement.

 If any of the below-listed signs show up, it ultimately means that your roof might need a thorough inspection before other damage may occur:

  • The warranty of your roof is expired
  • The roof has nearly or passed the expected lifespan
  • The roof covering shingles may be broken or missing
  • You might observe that the roof covering shingles get curls or sometimes buckles
  • The roof shingles surface granules might be worn away
  • If you own a tile roof, you will see several shingles that are damaged or maybe missing
  • The roof flashing (that is basically a thin layer of stainless steel or copper material, installed for the prevention of water seepage along the joints of the roof) is damaged or worn
  • You will see many cracks in the underlayment of the roof or sheathing that allows the water leakage or daylight to enter
  • Leaks coming through the interior ceiling
  • Water Spots on the interior ceiling
  • Water coming down the interior walls


If you observe any of the above-listed signs, this indicates that it’s time to opt for a residential roof replacement. Take the first step of the replacement journey by requesting a free roof consultation from Iron City Roofing.

We have a team of skilled, experienced, and professional roofers that will book an appointment or schedule a time that suits you the best. After booking your consultation, our roofers will be at your doorstep at the scheduled time to inspect every inch of your roof.

We will bring all the roof-related issues to our customers’ attention and make suitable recommendations for roof replacements and repairs. We will also provide all our potent customers with an on-the-spot estimate just to give them the ease of making the most informed decisions possible.

As soon as our customers are ready to move forward, we will discuss with them the timelines so that we will proceed further and start working on our project. We aim to minimize disruption to your schedule so that we focus on working on your projects quickly and efficiently.

We work by removing the existing roof and continue replacing it with the one you choose. But if you are a newbie to home repairing and get troubled in finding suitable materials for your roof, our experienced roofers will assist you. We know that the roofing materials you choose have a significant impact on the value of your home. So, we prioritize discussing your budget and your needs first before starting working on the project to make sure you can make an informed decision. We also work with insurance agencies for storm, tree, and wind damaged roofs. For some customers who might be ‘out of pocket’ we have special financing plans available to help you. Please reach out to Iron City Roofing if you think your roof might need repairs, replacements, or an inspection.